North Bonneville Dam Visitor Center – Washington

The Bonneville Dam Visitor Center in North Bonneville, Washington, provides a captivating experience with exhibits in the Visitor Orientation and Fish Viewing Buildings, highlighting the significance of hydroelectric dams, electricity fundamentals, and the vital role of salmon in the region’s natural and cultural history. During the fish viewing season from late April to mid-November, visitors can observe the mesmerizing seasonal migration of salmon through windows into the fish ladder. The visitor complex, easily accessible with ample parking, also offers a unique view of the powerhouse, allowing guests to witness generators from an elevated area 85 feet above the powerhouse floor, with comprehensive accessibility features, including ramps, elevators, and seating options throughout the exhibit area.


On-site parking: yes

Number of Accessible Parking spots: 2 without marked aisles, but each spot is 16 ft wide

Proximity to entrance: about 200 ft

Curb: curb cuts available in the relevant places

Street crossing: no

Cost: free

Closest public transit stop:

Entrance and Exhibit Area

Gate Opening: 45 ½ in wide

Step-free access: yes

Ramp access: N/A

Doorway: double door

Handle: push/pull

Threshold: no

Flooring: cement, carpet in upstairs viewing room soft and deep

Seating options: benches throughout the exhibit

Elevator: access to all levels available

Music playing: no but engine noise is loud

Door to Theater: 32 ½ in wide

Viewing of Fish Ladder: 39 ½ in high

Video: CC on movies in theater 

Water Fountain: available


Location: fish ladder viewing area

Threshold: no

Handle: push/pull

Gender-Neutral: no

Occupancy type: stalls

Grab Bars: sides on either side of stall, 31 in between

Maneuvering Space: no space on either side

Sink: 33 ½ in high

Pipes: covered

Location of Soap: side of sink

Height of Drying Possibilities: 40 in high

Baby Changing Station: no

Outdoor Space

Outdoor area: several outdoor viewing areas connected by paved paths, inclines up to 7.5% 

Stairs: no

Benches: near parking lot 

Seating options: several picnic benches with elongated ends

Relief area for service animals: yes, grass area at parking lot


Language: English

Videos: no

Large print option: no

Accessibility plug-in: no


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