Waterfall Corridor

We were fortunate enough to be able to invite two experts out to the Waterfall Corridor to audit several trailheads and waterfall lookouts with us. This page has more pictures for you to enjoy but if you’d rather have a comprehensive overview, feel free to check out the visitor guide.

Latourell Falls

The Latourell Falls stop offers a spacious viewpoint of the 224 feet plunge of the waterfall. People using mobility devices can access signs about history and background information without trouble. The ADA-accessible parking spot is located next to the ramp onto the sidewalk, close to the accessible restrooms and picnic tables. Sidewalks are covered in even concrete except for the shortcut between the picnic tables and restrooms. None of the hiking trails are paved. The bench at the trailhead is below a flight of stairs but picnic tables are available. One of the tables is set on concrete and offers a small space for people using mobility devices.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls counts among the most beautiful waterfalls along the corridor. Bridal Veil Falls is two-tiered and flows under another original highway bridge. For safety reasons, you should not try to view it from the highway. Instead, the fairly-sized parking lot is connected to two trails with breathtaking views:

Waterfall Trail

If you want to experience the waterfall up close, you will want to follow the Bridal Veil Falls trail. The first 3/4 mile is paved but the pavement has eroded considerably. The asphalt stops before the lookout. The path to the lookout is fairly steep and includes two wooden bridges. The stairs to the lookout are uneven and well-trodden.

Overlook Trail

A paved path leads to some gorgeous views over the Columbia River. Catch a glimpse of Beacon Rock, Archer Mountain, and the Pillars of Hercules. The loop is 1/2 mile long and fully paved. People using mobility devices may be able to enjoy some of the views from the path. However, it has experienced some erosion. Some lookout points are missing pavement. You will find a picnic area that is located off the pavement.

Wahkeena Falls

The Wahkeena Falls stop was remodeled in 2014 to be more accessible by the US Forest Service. You will not want to miss the view from this lookout. From the accessible parking spot, you will find a ramp to your left that will lead you up to the viewing platform. There is a spacious lookout platform right next to the waterfall. You will be able to feel the spray of the water on your skin. The low walls surrounding the lookout point offer potential seating. There is a lower parking lot connected by a paved path, however, it is fairly steep. You will find restrooms and a picnic area at the bottom. The trails starting here are steep and only accessible through stairs.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls counts among the most famous waterfalls in the world. The accessible parking spots via the Historic Highway are located to the side of the Multnomah Falls Lodge, right next to a small ramp onto the curb. The space in front of the lodge and gift shop has several benches and there is a picnic area at the creek. You can reach it through a ramp. The gift shop is accessible although it can get crowded.

The restrooms are accessible and an elevator will also allow you access to the upper levels of the lodge where you will find restaurants. The ramp leading up to the viewing area is a little steep but you will have enough space to meander your way up if necessary. We recommend going early during the summer months to avoid big crowds. The path up to the Benson Bridge is paved and offers seating along the way. However, you will have to take a flight of stairs to access it.

Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls has another accessible lookout area that you will not want to miss. This waterfall is named after its form since it keeps close to the rock and barely fans out, it looks a little like a horsetail. The parking lot is located across the highway so be careful when crossing the highway, especially considering that the curb cut is diagonal from the ramp onto the highway. The lookout area to your right is partially paved, and partially covered in loose, fine gravel. It offers a nice close-up view of the waterfall. There are picnic tables but keep in mind that they are set on loose gravel. Stairs lead to the pool at the bottom. During the summer, it is a good spot to cool down. The boulders that pepper the shore can function as a resting spot.


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