Outdoor Recreation

The picture shows a view from the Overlook Trail with the Columbia River taking up most of the photo. The shore on either side is visible with an island sitting in the middle. In the foreground a woman in a motorized wheelchair is taking a picture with her phone over a fence.


The Columbia River Gorge is famous for its hiking trails and breathtaking views. We have collected the information on accessible trails all in one place and work to expand upon it.


The Gorge has many great biking routes that invite you to explore. You have the option to bring your own bike on the bus and start your adventure from one of the transit stops. If you are traveling from further away, there are also several rental shops that offer regular recreation bikes and e-bikes.


We are fortunate to have adaptive ski and snowboard lessons not far from the Gorge at Mount Hood Meadows. They cater to beginners and advanced learners. Find out which of the options and lessons is right for you – anything from mono-ski to four-track skies – at the link below.


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