With two accessible parking spots just 100 feet from the lobby entrance, step-free access throughout, and a helpful staff fluent in English, Spanish, and French, The Society Hotel ensures a hassle-free stay. Enjoy the serene outdoor patio near the Spa area, and don’t forget to explore “The Sanctuary,” the silent retreat room located at the back of the property, for a truly tranquil experience.


On-site parking: yes

Number of Accessible Parking spots: 2 up near pathway to lobby

Proximity to entrance: 100 ft

Curb: no

Street crossing: no

Cost: free

Closest public transit stop: 300ft, Society Hotel stop

Entrance and Lobby

Step-free access: yes

Doorway: double door with automatic door opener

Handle: push/pull

Threshold: no

Flooring: hardwood

Seating options: waiting chairs and couches available in lobby

Elevator: N/A

Music playing: yes

Coffee Shop

Flooring: hardwood

Chair type: armless, some booths

Available power outlets: yes

Counter height: 34 in


Gluten-free options: limited

Vegetarian options: yes

Vegan options: yes

Online: yes

Online menu format: PDF

Large-print version: no

Languages: English


Knowledgeable on allergens: yes

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French

Knowledgeable on ASL: some

Knowledgeable on disability services: yes


Location: cafe area

Threshold: no

Doorway: 35in wide

Handle: push/pull

Gender-Neutral: yes

Occupancy type: single

Grab Bars: side, behind

Sink: 34in high

Pipes: covered

Location of Soap: side wall of sink

Hotel Room Access – Schoolhouse


Elevator Access: N/A

Step-Free Access: yes

Connected rooms: no

Threshold: no

Doorway: 33in wide

Handle: Lever

Flooring: carpeted

Bed space: 35 in to either side

Height of Bed: 24 ½ in  

Light Switch Location: nightstand lamp

Modification of Bed Height: no

Fridge Access: no

Sink: pipes not covered, 34 ½ in high

Bathroom Interior – Shared

Threshold: no

Direction door opens: into bathroom

Door: 35in wide, lever

Shower: wall-mounted bench available

Height of towel rack: 50 in

Outdoor Space

Outdoor area: paved paths with up to 5.6% incline, gates have to be unlocked with room key card

Stairs: backside of building

Erosion: no

Benches: no

Outdoor patio: near Spa area

Relief area for service animals: yes


Language: English

Videos: N/A

Large print option: no

Accessibility plug-in: no


Silent retreat room at the back of the property, “The Sanctuary” -> see map here

Noise machines available for rooms for train noise


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