Multnomah Falls is one of the most famous sights in the US. Multnomah Lodge offers accessible parking both off Highway 30 and i-84. The entrance has steps, flat thresholds, and hardwood flooring. Dining features carpet, arm-less chairs, and power outlets. The menu has gluten-free options. Staff are allergen-knowledgeable and bilingual. Ground-floor bathrooms are accessible. Outdoor spaces include a patio and a snack booth as well as step-free access to the Falls.



On-site parking: Yes, highway 30 lot is next to site; I-84 lot requires a short 5 minute walk.

Number of Accessible Parking spots: 5 spots and 1 with access aisles in Highway 30 lot, and 5 in I-84 lot.

Proximity to entrance: 50 ft from the Highway 30 parking lot

Curb: Curb-free access to entrance

Street crossing: Yes.

Cost: $2 for timed use permit, required through last week of May to first week of September, for I-84 lot. Highway 30 lot is free.

Closest public transit stop: Located in the I-84 lot, serviced by Columbia Area Transit.

Notes: I-84 lot parking requires crossing through a tunnel, underneath the highway and train tracks, and crossing a concrete bridge. There is a 1 in. edge, and posts at the entrance of the bridge that are over 32 in. of space between them. The entire path from lot to site is paved. 


Step-free access: No, 18 stairs with a railing on both sides. Elevator available by ground floor public bathrooms.

Ramp access: No

Doorway: Pull handle with thumb latch, 36 in. wide double doors

Threshold: Flat

Flooring: Hardwood


Flooring: Carpet

Tables: 27 ½  in. in height, with extensions to provide more knee clearance.

Chair type: Arm-less

Available power outlets: Yes, many throughout dining area

Quieter times: Morning and end of day, midweek.

Music playing: Yes


Gluten-free options: Yes

Vegetarian options: Yes

Vegan options: Yes

Mocktails/non-alcholic beers: Yes

Online: Yes

Listed allergens: No

Large-print version: No, printed version is 14 pt font.

Braille: No

Languages: English

Flashlight: Yes, available upon request

Magnifying glass: Yes, available upon request

Online menu format: Can be read by text-to-speech


Knowledgeable on allergens: Yes

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Knowledgeable on ASL: No

Knowledgeable on disability services: Yes

Public Bathroom Access

Location: Located on ground floor and attached to dining room- dining room bathroom does not have step-free access.

Threshold: Flat.

Doorway: Push/pull and 32 in. wide

Occupancy type: Stalls

Accessible stall: Yes. Includes grab bars and room for front and transfer and maneuvering space of 32 in. by 54 in.

Sink: 28 in. tall with protective panel over pipes underneath. Soap is between faucets and drying possibilities are 42 in. off the ground.

Gift Shop

Doorway: Push/pull handle and 32 in. wide.

Flooring: Carpet

Maneuvering space: Less than 32 in. between some aisles.

Height of counter: Front counter is 40 in. high and back counter is 38 in. high.

Noise: No music playing.

Outdoor Space

Outdoor patio: Yes, located at beginning of the path to waterfall.

Stairs: Ramp on one end and stairs on the other.

Flooring: Concrete

Seating options: Tables on patio are 27 in. tall with roll-under space and chairs have arms. There are a few concrete benches located in front of gift shop.

Relief area for service animals: Yes

Outdoor snack booth: Counter is 40 in. high and menu is only printed on sign at ground level.


Language: English

Videos: None

Large print option: No

Contact info

53000 Historic Columbia River Hwy, Corbett, OR 97019, USA


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