Maryhill Museum of Art

The Maryhill Museum of Fine Art is a little oasis in the Eastern Gorge. Enjoy the vast collection in this mansion near Maryhill with anything from Romanian royalty to modern art pieces. The museum has benches throughout the exhibits and accessible restrooms on every floor but the second one. The staff is happy to help you if you need further assistance.


On-site parking: yes
Number of Accessible Parking spots: 2
Proximity to entrance: 400ft
Curb: curb cuts available
Street crossing: crosswalk available
Cost: free
Closest public transit stop:


Step-free access: yes, ramp to entrance or alternative entrance at the bottom of the building (go around the ramp instead of up)
Ramp access: yes
Doorway: double door
Handle: push/pull
Threshold: no
Flooring: even, firm
Seating options: benches with backs and arms available
Elevator: yes
Quieter times: generally quiet
Water fountain: available at restrooms

Dining – Cafe

Tables: 29in high
Chair type: no arms


Gluten-free options: salads, gluten in the kitchen
Vegetarian options: yes
Vegan options: yes
Online: yes, find it here
Online menu format: PDF


First-level Restroom

Threshold: no
Doorway: 34+ in
Handle: lever
Gender-Neutral: no
Occupancy type: stalls
Grab Bars: side and behind
Maneuvering Space: 30in in front
Sink: 32 high
Pipes: covered
Location of Soap: side of bowl
Height of Drying Possibilities: 43 in
Baby Changing Station: no

Ground-level Restroom

Threshold: no
Doorway: 34+ in
Handle: lever
Gender-Neutral: no
Occupancy type: stalls
Grab Bars: side, behind and vertical
Maneuvering Space: 32in in front
Sink: 34 in high
Pipes: one is covered
Location of Soap: side of sink
Height of Drying Possibilities: 38 in
Baby Changing Station: no

Outdoor Space

Outdoor area: yes
Stairs: no
Paths: paved
Makeup of Paths: cement tiles
Erosion: no
Benches: picnic benches on grass
Relief area for service animals: great grass areas available


Language: English
Large print option: no
Accessibility plug-in: no


Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Call ahead if you know you will need assistance.

Contact info

35 Maryhill Museum Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA

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