Last Updated: March 31, 2023

This local brewery is a Hood River staple and welcomes you to have some delicious food with its beers and ciders. The taproom offers roll-under tables and ADA-accessible restroom stalls. A ramp connects the lower dining area to the rest of the building. 


On-site parking: There is no designated parking lot. There is parking on the street in front of the business, a lot directly across the street, and street parking along neighboring streets. Public parking costs $1.25 an hour.
Proximity to entrance:  Some parking is in front of entrance, and further parking may require a couple minutes walk and street crossing.
Curb: Curb-cut ramp in front of entrance.
Closest public transit stop: 4th and Columbia serviced by Columbia Area Transit, cost $1 for one-way fare or $15 for all-day pass.


Step-free access: Yes
Doorway: Push/pull handle and current entrance doorway is 33 in. wide, new entrance doorway after May 2023 is 32 in. wide.
Threshold: Flat
Other: There is a slight incline when heading south from Columbia St., and tree roots have made the sidewalk very uneven.


Stairs: 3 steps located between two dining areas with an accessible ramp 52 in. wide adjacent to stairs.
Type of floor: Hardwood
Tables: 11 standard tables, each 28 in. tall, and 12 high-top tables, each 41” tall.
Bar counter: 40 ½ in. tall
Chair type: Arm-less chairs
Available power outlets: Yes, multiple in dining area
Quieter times: Generally no, always have background music on throughout the building. Least busy time is lunch, between 1-3pm but consistently busy during the summertime.
TV Use: Generally sports games with closed captioning and no sound.
Other seating options: 4 small picnic tables located outside against the front of the building.


Gluten-free options: Yes
Vegetarian options: Yes
Vegan options: Yes
Online: Yes
Listed allergens: No.
Large-print version: No.
Braille: No.
Languages: English.
Flashlight: No.
Magnifying glass: No.


Knowledgeable on allergens: Yes.
Languages spoken: Primarily English, some Spanish.
Knowledgeable on ASL: No.
Knowledgeable on disability services: Yes.

Public Bathroom Access

Threshold: Flat
Doorway: 33 in. wide with push/pull handle
Occupancy type: Stalls
Accessible stall: Yes. Stall door is 35 in. wide, and includes grab bars, room for front and side transfer, and 5 ft. by 5 ft. turning space.
Accessible sink space: Yes
Soap height: 47 in.
Sink height: 31 in.
Height of hand drying: 39 in.
Baby Changing Station: Yes


Language: English
Videos: None
Large print option: No
Accessibility plug-in: No


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