AniChe Cellars’ wine tasting room, nestled in a gravel lot with one accessible spot, offers a great view of the Columbia River Gorge. Despite a 1-inch curb, the double doors provide step-free access. Inside, enjoy music and wine at 27 ½ inch high tables. Non-alcoholic drinks are available, but the restroom lacks grab bars. Outdoors, the cement-floored space is welcoming.


On-site parking: yes, compact gravel parking lot

Number of Accessible Parking spots: 1

Proximity to entrance: 50 ft

Curb: yes, 1 in

Street crossing: no

Cost: free

Closest public transit stop:


Step-free access: yes

Ramp access: N/A

Doorway: double door, one half 29 ½ in

Handle: push/pull

Threshold: ½ in ledge 

Elevator: N/A

Music playing: yes, both inside and outside


Flooring: stone with some rugs

Tables: 27 ½ in high

Chair type: yes armchairs available


No food options. Some non-alcoholic drinks available aside from their wine options.


Location: right of entrance

Threshold: no

Doorway: 32 in wide

Handle: knob

Gender-Neutral: yes

Occupancy type: single

Grab Bars: none

Maneuvering Space: 47 inches in front of toilet

Sink: 38 ½ in high

Pipes: covered

Location of Soap: side

Height of Drying Possibilities: 36 in high

Baby Changing Station: yes

Outdoor Space

Outdoor patio: yes, multiple seating areas outside

Flooring: cement

Seating options: chairs and tables, outdoor couches

Relief area for service animals: yes


Language: English

Videos: N/A

Large print option: no

Accessibility plug-in: no

Contact info

71 Little Buck Creek Rd, Underwood, WA 98651, USA

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