Welcome to The Workshop, where creativity and community converge! Guests can explore the curated DIY Craft space or peruse locally made goods. With free street parking out front, step-free access, and arm-less chairs at 28 in. tall tables boasting power outlets, the Workshop offers a welcoming environment. Accessible bathrooms on the ground floor include grab bars. Quieter midweek times await discovery. Come and experience The Workshop’s warm embrace!



On-site parking: No, free street parking.

Number of Accessible Parking spots: None.

Proximity to entrance: Available parking in front of business

Curb: Curb-free access at crosswalks.

Street crossing: Depends on parking.

Cost: Free.

Closest public transit stop: Stop 15 on both routes, serviced by The LINK


Step-free access: Yes

Doorway: Push/pull door over 32 in. wide.

Threshold: Flat


Flooring: Vinyl

Tables: Located in creative space, 28 in. tall with room to roll under.

Chair type: Arm-less

Available power outlets: Yes, located around front door/window.

Height of register counter: 52 in.

Height of display tables: Vary between 32 and 35 in. tall.

Quieter times: Earlier in the day, middle of the week.

Music playing: Yes.

Notes: There is a separate seating section not in use that is accessed by a staircase.


Languages spoken: English

Knowledgeable on ASL: No

Knowledgeable on disability services: Yes

Public Bathroom Access

Location: Located on ground floor with step-free access.

Threshold: Flat.

Doorway: Lever handle and 32 in. wide

Occupancy type: 1 gender-neutral single-user bathroom.

Accessible stall: Includes grab bars and room for front and side transfer with maneuvering space of 28 in. in front and 56 in. on the side.

Sink: 28 in. tall with no protective panel over pipes underneath. Soap is next to sink at 39 in. above the ground and drying possibilities are 47 in. off the ground.


Language: English

Videos: None

Large print option: No

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