Parking Lot

  • 2 designated parking spots with access aisles
  • Paved, part of the parking lot is gravel
  • Water fountain in front of restroom


  • Wall is 41½ in high on way to trail
  • Lowered section around viewing platform at 17½ in
  • 1 picnic bench on uneven grass
  • Slight slope to viewpoint


  • 33 ½ in high sink
  • Pipes not covered
  • Grab bars behind and next to, plus one vertical one
  • Gender neutral
  • 60 in diameter given


  • Talks about condition and length of trail
    • Gravel from start but potentially paved in the future
  • High up in small print
Contact info

Lyle Trailhead, Lyle, WA 98635, USA


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