Bigfoot Coffee Roasters

Last Updated: June 15, 2023

This cute coffee shop adjacent to Stevenson’s vibrant downtown area has all kinds of delicious pastries and coffee specialties. Discover their collection of Big Foot goodies or browse their selection of coffee beans. A perfect spot to refuel before going on your next adventure.



On-site parking: yes
Number of Designated Parking Spots: 0
Proximity to entrance: 50ft
Curb: no
Street crossing: no
Cost: free
Closest public transit stop: Stevenson Central, 0.3mil


Step-free access: yes
Doorway: 34in
Handle: push/pull
Threshold: ½in lip, can open garage door for alternative entrance
Flooring: tiles with several rugs
Music playing: yes


Flooring: tiles with several rugs
Tables: 1 regular table: 29 ½in high; 2 high tables: 38 ½in high
Chair type: without arms
Available power outlets: yes, power strip on the ground to the left of the fireplace


Gluten-free options: yes
Vegetarian options: yes
Vegan options: yes
Online: no
Listed allergens: no
Large-print version: no
Braille: no
Languages: English
Flashlight: no
Magnifying glass: yes


Knowledgeable on allergens: yes
Languages spoken: English, Romanian
Knowledgeable on ASL: some


Location: porta potty to the right of the building, alternatively use library restroom
Threshold: 1in
Doorway: 28in
Handle: pull
Gender-Neutral: yes
Occupancy type: single
Grab Bars: no
Maneuvering Space: none
Sink: none
Baby Changing Station: none


Language: English
Large print option: no
Accessibility plug-in: no


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