Out on a Limb Stevenson

Out on a Limb, a unique boutique clothing shop welcomes you with step-free access and a 41 ½ in wide doorway adorned with a push/pull handle. Nestled on the corner with free street parking, the hardwood-floored interior exudes charm, complemented by the subtle background music. Though lacking seating options, this fashion haven is just a 2-minute walk from the Stevenson Central transit stop.


On-site parking: street parking

Number of Accessible Parking spots: 0

Proximity to entrance: depends on parking spot

Curb: on corner

Street crossing: depends on parking spot

Cost: free

Closest public transit stop: Stevenson Central, 500 ft, about a 2 minute walk

Entrance and Shopping Area

Step-free access: yes

Ramp access: N/A

Doorway: 41 ½ in wide

Handle: push/pull

Threshold: untreated ½ in ledge

Flooring: hardwood

Seating options: armless chairs

Elevator: N/A

Music playing: yes


Language: English

Videos: N/A

Large print option: no

Accessibility plug-in: no

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