Example Transcript for Audio Interpretation for Catherine Creek Trail

Welcome to the audio interpretive information for Catherine Creek, we’re glad you’re here. We look forward to sharing some insightful information with you. So you are here at the trailhead with- where the QR code is, and I will just give you some information. Look at those beautiful trees in front of you. These are broad leaf Maple trees used by local tribes for XY and Z, and in the foreground you can see the Columbia River itself, stream flow averages about 100,000 CFS, which is- which makes it one of the larger rivers in the United States. Maybe second largest after the Mississippi and now I want you to continue on the trail. You can start to your right, continue down the trail. And when you get to the large bend in the trail I’d like you to meet me there. So, walk or roll or stroll until you get there. You push pause now when you get there, resume the track.

OK, so now we’ve made it to the bend in the trail. And what’s neat about this spot is you can really clearly see the Basalt. Oregon, 2,000,000 years ago, was covered in a basalt flow. The salt just means it’s a type of lava. Bloody, bloody blah, blah, blah, blah blah. The salt flow do do, do, do, do. We’re going to explain that we’re going to show them what. To look at. And I’ll meet you again. The bench. So go ahead and make your way to the bench and push pause on this track and when you get to the bench, push play again.

OK, so now you are at the bench, hopefully relaxing a little bit. Want you to look up. See if you can see the top of the tree to your left. The tallest tree in your view scape right now. Doug with her. Blah blah blah blah. And blah blah blah blah blah. After you finish listening to all this amazing ecological information and you feel so enlightened with all this cultural understanding. And maybe I’ve shared with you about the building of the historic River Highway. There’s lots of information to share. I want you to continue on the trail until you get to the Big Rock. You won’t miss it. It’s a really, really big rock when you get to the big rock, you can. Push play again. So you’re going to pause here. Push play when you get to the big rock.

We’re now at the Big Rock. Thank you for joining me at the Big Rock. OK, hope this is enough.


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